Hello MX5 Nutz,

Having read the rules I think that this is ok, however my apologies if it is breaching any rules. I did read the sticky I swear!

I am currently building myself a home built Seven style car and sourced myself an early 1989 Import spec MX-5 to use as the donor vehicle, the car was as rotten as they come and had been off of the road for a number of years prior to me buying it. I have used quite a lot of parts for my own car, anything drivetrain, engine or electrical related has been transferred over to my own project, however i have a huge amount of potentially useful parts which i thought i would offer up on here.

The car is a 1989 Import spec car. I have a load of parts removed from the car which I will list below, if ther are any specific parts you need please let me know and i can see if mine are any use. All panels are Mariner Blue and have signs of wear and use.

Early Doors with no Reinforcement bars and are very light. Some have areas of bubbling but nothing too drastic - £25 each

Rear bumper - Ok condition with no real notable areas of damage - £20

Bootlid, has a central hole where someone fitted a spoiler at some point, sure a ducktail will cover it or a craftily placed sticker - £10

Pop up headlights inc Shrouds, lids, mechs and lamps - £25 each

Complete HVAC System, including air con section from under the dash, heater matric and everything else - £25

Complete black Dashboard, no cracks on the top and in fair condition - £20

Power Steering Conversion - This is everything i have removed related to the power steering, pump, rack, lines, bracket to bolt up to the engine, fixings, pulleys, the whole lot - £150

Electric Window Conversion - Everything related to the electric windows, Motors, runners, cables, the switch for the centre console and a tail of the loom so that you can wire this up into your own car - £150

Peaks Roll bar - This is a 4 point item, has some large feet and looks like a fairly substantial item. Fits with the standard top - £150

Braided front lines - Little bit grubby but seem good - £15

Full carpet set - Every carpet i have out of the car, not sure if they are complete but its everything I've got. Ideal for putting back in "track" converted cars back to something a bit more civil - £40

Complete pedal set bolted out of the car, no sensors fitted - £20

Front subframe, complete with socks that are shagged and lower wishbones - £10

Rear subframe including upper and lower arms - £20

Standard exhaust, £25

There is postage availible on everything, but anything over about 120cm goes into ridiculous shipping costs and they seem to want things stuck on a pallet, which is not exactly cost efficient.

Collection is welcome from the ME8 area of Kent.

Photos are availible upon request

If there is anything you are after that isnt listed please ask. I have kept a huge amount for my own project, but a lot of smaller parts are still availible.