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I thought it was a typing error, but in one pic it does look like it has one, previous owner might have had one fitted, as to why, i`m baffled.
I've seen everything now.

Why would u, I mean WHY WOULD YOU???
Is the hardtop/sunroof combo an import thing?

Looks a nice car...
JQ. said:
I'Ve Seen It All Now A hardtop with a sunroof

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I know - How ridiculous - a hardtop on a Roadster

I've posted this before. One of the Tyne Tees OC guys had one. He reckoned it was good on those days you wish you'd taken the hard top off/not put it on. You can just see it on these pics.

EDIT: OMFG - it is the same frikkin car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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O man I want one. I do...

Get one of the stick on ones I found on eBay a while ago and put it on your soft top. (I'm sure the thread must still exist on Nutz somewhere!)
Its in a convoy, must be a Eastern Region OC car. Coz they are Dicks
No, it's in a Tyne Tees Convoy
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Seems like a good idea to me...
yeah, I dont think thats a bad idea to be honest
i've always wanted one as my hard top never leaves the car.
Who knows, perhaps i'll do it when I swap over to the MK2
It's not the only car to have it. The VW Eos has a sunroof in one of its folding roof panels. I guess it's quite a good idea, as halli said, for when it's not quite good enough for roof off, but too good for roof on.
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