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After all my trials and tribulations my car is finally back on the road!

In the end, all it needed was a new turbo and it is working perfectly again. Nothing else has been changed (obviously apart from a retune for the new turbo and a different actuator to fit). I'm at a loss to understand how, now the car is running perfectly, and this is all that has been done, there could be any other issue at fault other than the turbo...

Anyway - I can't be bothered to deal with 'those who shall remain nameless'
any more as they appear to be delusional! I'm just glad I have my car back and wish I'd bought a Garrett in the first place...

I wish I wasn't a cautionary tale for the rest of you, and, as I'm sure some people will point out, I perhaps should have know better - but who can resist a bargain eh?! Anyway, needless to say, if you're seriously considering a chinacharger then think very carefully and if you can stretch the extra ?450 or so then buy a Garrett, if you can't stretch then wait a few months!

I'm now going to make a heatshield and cold air box out of cardboard and take it down to my local metal shop for fabrication, followed by a lip spoiler and fitting a bullet cam into the headlight surround with the dvr in the glove box - it'll be awesome as I have a red in line remote that flashes when it records!

She's running 12-13psi so 240bhp perhaps, it was certainly quick bringing it home last night!

If you have any questions about my experiences with our american friends then please PM me as the forum is not the place for it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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