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Need a few things clearing up as I dont understand something.

On a 1.6 turbo set-up you require a ISCV valve adapter which you can put into the silicone elbow from tb to ic. But goes the 1.8 still require this??

As on my 1.8 it seems to have a similar hose that comes off it, (comparing it to my 1.6).

I do not know much about these engines so no need for any type of crappy comments.

Reason i have put a 1.8 in my 1.6 using the orginal loom but using a 1.6 megaquirt ecu with a 1.8 basemap and tsp wiring up correctly. Have got a turbo kit slowly building up.

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Wouldn't this cause a massive leak when on boost?

Not really, it can leak, depends if your lucky or not. Mine didn't.

Generally you set the idle valve to 'off' in your ECU tuning software when you're not idling, so it shouldn't leak. IME 1 way valves can hum which is annoying.

OP, to confirm both the MK1 1.6 and 1.8 require this takeoff or a mini filter (and one way valve if you so desire). The MK2 idle valve sources it's air from the TB so no takeoff or valve is required.
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