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Is Your 5 On Google Street Maps?

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Was bored in work today so was messing round on the web (after checking nutz obviously). Anyway went onto google maps went to my house and there it is on the driveway!

So here's the thing, how many nutzers 5's are on google street maps ?
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Nope. I hope it never does either
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i had a little drift on the other day infront of 1 of their peddly thingys

Might have a look at that junction.
My old 5 is parked on my driveway at my house, that was over a year ago!
My S2000 is parked outside my hovel on Google Earth.
My old 5 is on my driveway at home.

The photo must have been taken before Nov last year.
My car isn't on there - In fact, my whole house is hidden behind a bush in my neighbour's front garden!
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My first 5 is on google earth, and my latest one is photographed on the drive of the owner but one 2 years ago. I looked all over my town on streetview and could not find it, I went to the pubs, Sweetshops and garages.

nope. private estate with just me on it (back then)
Google earth shows mine outside work with the old white/blue stripes on and my good lady's old car/Alex Robinsons current blaster outside our previous residence - over the road from our current property.

Google Streetview shows mine outside work in a different parking space and with the current livery, albeit with the previous bootlid - minus ducktail.
My old one is - sold it last spring
How do you access street view - I can only get kew gardens !

Every time I enter my address I just get the map options (satelite, terrain etc) and searching 'street view' just gets me pictures of bloody kew gardens again !
Only MX5ives, just drag the little orange man onto the road (it'll highlight in blue as you do so)
Cheers - I just googled for 20 mins and couldn't find that simple instruction anywhere !

And yes my 5 is on my drive looks like the pic was taken about 18 months ago.
mark when o normal map of kew gardens zoom out and move to desired part of country. It just starts you in kew.

Then drag the little golden man to the "blue" lines streets to access the street view.
DOH! too slow

My 5 is on there, but its back at the old house early last spring im guessing as it has the old wheels on it and the original exhaust.
Yes mine is parked on the road outside the house.

Can maybe even probably narrow the day as it was a sunny day and there were not too many of them last year
Mine is at my old house, complete with readable number plate

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