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Is My Diff Dying?

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I'm getting a worrying noise and feeling at speed. Not excessive speed, just above town cruising speed.

I can hear it and feel it through my feet. It sounds like it's coming from the diff area. It's like a stable one tone vibration or rubbing. It happens every few seconds, for a few seconds. I'm finding it hard to explain.. where should I be looking?
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I said.

Bit hard to describe.
would you discribe it as more of a light rumble?
when did you last change the diff oil?
Yeah I guess a light rumble works.

It sometimes feels like it's almost pulsating!

I haven't changed the diff oil yet.
i think the diff oil should be changed every 54K or thats what mine suppossed to be done at.
if its a light rumble then i dont think it would be from the diff, sounds like it would come more from the wheel areas, like bearings or the such. but im just guessing here so dont take my word for it.
Jumping the gun hee howie but put this on the backburner.... Typertony this morning collected the complete rear subframe from me, and he isnst gonna use the diff, and he's in Essex..
Cheers Ron. I need to get the car looked over but no funds
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Hopefully this narrows it down a bit..

If the noise is worse when accelerating or on overrun it could be the diff or prop/drive shaft joints. If worse when cornering it's likely to be a wheel bearing. If it doesn't change with accelerating or cornering it's likely to be tyre related.

A problem I had a few years ago on a different car was a driveshaft boot came loose and let the grease out slowly over time. The problem showed up as an occasional rumbling which went away when I changed speed.
I'd put my money on the wheel bearing.

In my experience diffs either work or they don't.
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