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Is It Possible To Split The Interior Rear View Mirror

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As above is it possible to split the interior rear view mirror? I need to re-attach it, but seem to have a loose bracket rattling inside and I can't seem to get to it......?

Any ideas or tips would be appreciated...!!

Many thanks
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I've just had a look at the one I took off and I can't seem to see away without the risk of snapping something.

Mine is up for grabs if you are interested
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If you mean the top bit (rather than the mirror housing) then yes.

Just pull the edges away with your fingers.
once its unsrewed from the ball socket its almost impossible to put back

trust me ive just gone through 2 mirrors, as i was trying to fit my alarm led in the botton of it like on a bmw's

finally did it but another way
I also tried to put one back together,peed about for hours,no chance,,,,,binned it
It's really easy if you unscrew the mounting from the car with the clip in it.

Done it lots of times.

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