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Intercooler pressure drop

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Hi all,

I've got a 1997 1.8, M45 supercharger with 11% reduction pulley and a round-the-rad intercooler, peak boost around 8psi. I've just rigged up a second pressure sensor on the supercharger outlet and I'm getting around 5psi pressure drop between the SC outlet and the manifold at 6500rpm. I was expecting around 2-3psi loss as there are a lot of bends in my pipework and the throttle probably robs a bit, but 5psi is massive. Then I figured that most of this could be just the temp drop across the IC (temp drop -> density increase -> pressure drop) and not a massive restriction, but I'm not sure.

The all-knowing internet didn't help - I found as many people saying the temp drop would not show up as a pressure drop as those who said it was expected, so I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone else had measured their IC pressure drop?


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