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Insurance Rip Off!

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Help guys, I need to know if there are any specialist insurance companies for Mx-5/ sports cars/ modded. My quote has come through and I'm going to be paying ?60 more, what really pee's me off is I've gone from a group 17 260bhp car to an MX-5 and they're charging me more?!

Plus add to this they want to charge ?70 if I get the IL backbox?!

Has anyone ever managed to call about there quote and get them to drop the price (retention)?

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you'll find hundreds of threads on the subject in the roadster chat section

and there's this
The same assumption happens every time, general public assume that a lower group car means cheaper insurance!

Discounts apply for age of car, length of ownership etc etc. The list goes on and on.

If its a broker you are with it may be that the current company will not cover the mazda on the policy that held the 200 and therefore it has been replaced and no other of their insurers are competitive.

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