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Insurance Question

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My current insurer (Swift cover) have a a list of modifications that I can do and they wont change the price. These include wheels and stainless exhaust so I'm quite happy with that for now.

However, they also say that any performance enhancing mod is out of the question. This leaves me a bit confused as to whether I can or can't have an aftermarket exhaust.

I know that on an otherwise stock 1.6 Mk1 the performance wont increase, but will it still count as a performance mod?

I'm going to ring them up tomorrow and ask I think but was wondering if anyone has any experience of Swift/this.

And before anyone suggests switching to Flux or the like, I will come renewal time but for now I have no plans to go beyond wheels and exhaust.
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As long as you disclose it has one fitted you are covered. They will ask YOU whether it increases the performance or not. It's all about what you disclose, insurers don't make assumptions.
I've worked in insurance for 7 years as a broker and as long as you are honest all will be fine.

Check swifts policy for like for like replacement parts, to my knowledge highstreet companies don't provide this, only certain insurers through certain brokers.

Not fussed too much about like for like, just want everything to be legit if anything happens.

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