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Insurance Idiots Make Me Mad

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No bleeding wonder there are bogus claims,

I spoke to someone today who told me they were making a claim for a road accident injury and when questioned stated that the hospital reconed he had muscle strain, whiplash (aka Whipcash) and sore ribs. I retorted you cannot do this its fraud and you risk prosecution, His fat ugly waddling wife, oddly recounted identical injuries interdispersed with an almost tourettes like "ouch F**k, Ow-Ow Bar steward" whilst holding her ribs in an oscar winning act followed by a cackle of laughter worthy of any witches covern.
He then proceeded to state he found the medical diagnosis particularly odd because there was naff all wrong with him or his portly waddling spouse and he would not have gone to the hospital but his insurance company recommended they attend hospital as a precautionary measure.
However he stated that he was about to pop back to the hospital with his brace of offspring to ensure that the dimwitted medical staff proffered a similar diagnosis that would allow the whole family to befall the curse of whipcash, thus sparking a whole new hobby of ametuer dramatics inspired by a Googled medical dictionary diagnosis .

I decided to contact the MIB to report the ficticious injuries, prepared and armed with the persons insurance certificate number, registration number, name and address.
I am happy to report they were not the least bit interested as due to the data protection act they could not speak with me!!!!!
All I can say is its a good job they can increase my premium to pay for their own ineptetude, why cant I go to an insurance company that is not as bent as the thieving customers, its a money making scam its time the Dick Turpins were banged to rights by some overseening body
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I am liking this a lot I feel a busted claim comming on
These folks may be more interested.

Try this as well.

I often forward a link to any advert that says anything like : and I quote :

For sale 2.0 Zetec 16V 150 Bhp Fiesta, converted 3 years ago, bla
h blah blah, haven't got the V5, car still registered as a 1.25 for cheap insurance and tax.

So that's 4 crimes

1) Selling a car with no V5 is a criminal offence (No really !!)
2) Fraudulently obtaining insurance.
3) Fraudulently avoiding taxation
4) Failing to inform DVLA of vehicle changes

I hope no one is offended by my puritanical approach to this, but all 4 crimes boil my piss.
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