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Inlet Manifold

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Hi guys Can anyone tell me is it easy to remove strip down paint rebuild & refit the inlet manifold I want to respary it to match the rocker cover & heat shield
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There are some really fiddly nuts/bolts underneath that are difficult to get to, you'll graze your knuckles alot and probably break your wrist but i'm sure it'll be worth it in the long run....
I try and do everthing myself, but this defeated me when I tried to swap over my polished inlet and I paid a garage to do it.
Little did they know it was going to be a pain when they quoted me and they complained soooo much when I picked the car up

Take my advice let somebody else have the joy
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Im struggling to get mine off.

I've done the 2 large 14mm bolts that are easily visable and also done all along the top of the inlet mani.

Its not budging though, are there some underneath that need un-doing to?
Bump, need to get this off the car tomorrow if anyone can help.
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Thats a fantastic manual that. I've got the one for the 1.8 and have found it very useful so far. Before any work description it gives little handy tips of stuff that you may need/find useful when doing the job. Also, LOTS of pics and very good workarounds for tricky problems. MUCH better than any haynes manual any day.
Sorry, bit of a thread hijack but it would be a very good purchase for you if you are considering doing this kind of work yourself. Had mine with the car so not sure where to source them.
If I was to remove my inlet manifold (which until searching thought would be easy) is it likely that the gasket will be reusable?

I was planning on painting mine and tucking some wires under it but 5 parts are sold out of the gaskets.
for the peace of mind I'd use a new gasket, imagine how annoying it would be to put it all back together only to find a leak/problem and take it all apart again

I though about polishing the inlet manifold, then saw how much of a ballache it was going to be to remove it, and never had that thought again:lol:
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I knew that deep down

By the reactions on here it would probably be easier to mask of the whole car off and paint it that way
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