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In For A Paint At Last

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Finally droppped the car off at my local bodyshop.

Getting all the rust sorted on the arches, i saw the car on the ramps today and the rust if fortunatly not too bad, mostly superficial.

The car has quite a few dents and dings in it so have decided to get both sides fully prepped and sprayed. Only leavs the bonnet and boot, fortunalty they are ok.

Sills are in very good condition, so overall the car will be in top condition when i get it back.

Looking forward to the summer hols as i will add the final touches and undeseal the chassis and all the suspention parts.

Might even get the roof down too!!!

Pics will follow, probably not get car back till next Friday.
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While it's in the bodyshop you should think about having the ugly stonechip protection line lowered. When I had mine fully resprayed a few months ago the guy suggested it, and it makes a massive difference IMHO (OK, it's not a practical thing to do, but meh, who cares about a small thing like that!
). Here's what it looks like now:

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Was hoping to get the car back by now but the usual stuff with body shops.

Saw the car today, wow, interior has been stripped out door cards seats carpet etc. Mirrors off bumpers indicatiors.

Nice solid alloy beam behind the back bumper i see.

The car needes a bit more work than was first thought, as usual when things start to get stripped down.

Looks like the car will be much the better for it once its all done.
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