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Impact Wrenches, Which One??

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I was all set to change the discs and pads on my mates CTR today and then I hit a problem very early on...

I just couldn't get the bolt for the caliper carrier undone, it didn't matter what I tried

Sooo, that has got me thinking, I need an impact wrench, but don't want to spend a fortune.

Any reccomendations??
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I've never tried any of them, which is a good start to answering your question

I use one of these with success. Well, not that particular model but a similar thing.
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I know about the impact drivers, but I was after something that you could use when you have no room to swing a hammer.
Clarke is a good name no, personally I'd prefer the corded one rather then cordless ones as I can just see the battery running out when I need it most.
Thats what I was thinking, but it looks rather big compared to the cordless and I need it to get behind the brakes.
Other option.. air ratchet set
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Perfect if I had an air line
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I use a Draper 24v cordless and it's brilliant.
Other option.. air ratchet set
air ratchets are nut spinners. NOT impact drivers for cracking things off at all. you'll just end up slamming your hand into the nearest hard thing

a breaker bar and copper and hide mallet is all you need in siuations like that, as often you won't get the impact driver in. apply the torque and give it a clout where you can. 60% of the time, it works everytime.

most battery impact drivers won't free things that a short breaker bar couldn't anyway

ETA - don't get me wrong, they have all sort of uses while working on a car, but aren't suited to taking caliper carriers off
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I tried that Tom, I whacked and whacked and whacked and whacked to no avail

I feared an impact wrench wouldn't fit either, I still want one though

Maybe a good soaking, leave for a few days, soak again and have a go.
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You need a bigger fekin bar.

Or Chuck Norris
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I couldn't fit any any bigger in there due to the room available...

I wouldn't mind but I go to the gym 5 times a week
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