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Ignition/start up

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Mk1 1994 1.8 Turbo

Hi all,
Im losing the will a little with my mx5 and could really do with some help.
For some strange reason my car will sometimes either pop on ignition before even attempting to start the car. I’m told its to do with a coil test with the ME221 but maybe somebody could let me know apparently it might need a firmware update?
Also it will either crank really slow sometimes or crank normally but not fire.
Its had a fully major service and the mapping has also been tweaked which has improved it because the car was over fueling on start up.
Im at a complete loss at what it could be and was hoping somebody could help, I’m going to try and get a video of it happening if it helps. I want it the start within a couple of cranks but I don’t even know where to start. I live in wednesbury if there are any specialists near by or could help. Thanks
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