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How To - Replace Handbrake & Gearlever Gaitors

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I made a guide post around Christmas time on how to fit handbrake/gearlever gaitors. Seems fitting it be rammed sideways and unlubed into the FAQ section.

How to fit handbrake/gearlever gaitors

You will need...
A phillips head screwdriver


-Step 1
Unscrew gearknob (anticlockwise). My stock one was a bitch to get off. (No pictures)

-Step 2
Unscrew centre console retaining screws (5 in total)...

Front Left (x1)

Front Right (x1)

Under Ashtray (x1)

In cubbyhole (x2)

-Step 3
Gently lift centre console to reveal electric window switch and ashtray light wiring. Unplug connectors.

-Step 4
Turn over centre console once removed and remove 4 screws holding the plastic gaitor retainer ring in. (No pictures of this, sorry. It's obvious anyway.)

-Step 5
Unclip gaitor from retainer and fit new gaitor...

-Step 6
Re-assemble (reverse of above steps)

-Step 7
Take pictures. Post on Nutz.

If the mods could do the deeds that would be marvelous.
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