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How Do I Remove The Tps From A Eunos?

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Might be simple if you know how? and I can't find anything on the forum.

How do I remove the throttle position sensor from a MK1 Eunos? There are two small bolts holding the TPS in place, but it doesn't come away. Do I need to remove the bolt in the middle of the throttle cable mount or is there a particular way to twiat it to get it off?

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its just those two little 8mm screws. If it doesn't pull away easily try wiggling a small flatbade between the t-body and the gold metal backing plates of the TPS. They are sometimes a tight fit to that shaft (thats what she said) but it will just pull off.
Thanks - wasn't for shifting and Mazda kindly put a damn big engine block in the way - had to take the cover off and do it that way.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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