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It wouldn't be an MX5 without a copious amount of rust repair rolls eyes

Unfortunately another mundane update, but I guess it's one of those job's that needs doing regardless.

So I started with removing the tail lights and bumper.

With the support/crash bar removed I was met with the corrosion that gets spoken of. It was surprising how much was behind the bar itself.

A new wire wheel drill attachement made easy work of the surface corrosion

I gave the rusty areas a coating of Hammerite Kurust, followed by etch and zinc primer.

Once that was dry and ready I applied 2 coats of Galaxy Grey and 2 coats of clear lacquer.

The support bar received the same treatment, but instead of the body colour grey I used Simoniz tough paint

It's a shame its hidden behind the bumper, but at least it's done and I shouldn't have to worry for quite some time.


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I dusted the camera and flash guns off and spent an evening practicing some photography

On the way to work one morning the car developed a slight misfire. I removed the spark plugs to have a look and they look ok with cylinder 1 and 3 having oil on the threads. I had a look through the service history and remembered the car hadn't been serviced since 2020 (only covered 4k miles since then) probably due to Covid.

The car is currently on 58,228 miles and the plugs are due to be changed at 62k so not too far off

So it was a good time to do a service and changed the rocker cover gasket. Working at a local motor factors helps with sourcing (most) parts and it certainly helps the bank balance

The rocker cover gasket was straight forward to change, surprisingly.

(YT video is scheduled for 22/10/22 1:00pm BST)

I recently started a throw back series on my Youtube, keeping it MX5 related the first 2 NA projects are online

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