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Hi guys thinking off something small , quirky , low running costs and came across the honda beat any one had one off these little fellas
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no, but sis in law had a cappucino, it converted me to RWD!

fun little car.

IRRC the beats painfully lack torque.
The Beat is N/A and a tad slow.The Cappuccino's are turbo'd and much more fun.I've never had a Beat but i've driven one i've had a couple of Cappuccino's and there's one in my garage.I couldn't recommend them enough but they do rust like mad.
Honda Beats are rarer than pink rocking horse shit, you'd have more luck with a Cappuccino (which is also a better car).

If you're really flush (and lucky), you could get an Autozam AZ-1.
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Nutz being...well...nuts...won't be long before someone suggests this!
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