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Hi Guys.
Been Lurking for a while, but thought I'd say a proper hello
I'm Oli, I live in west Somerset near Taunton.

I've recently bought myself a 1.8 Mk 1
its one of the 'Classic editions' and is in black. 79k miles and a UK model.

It's going to be my daily driver and will occasionally be used on track days.

I'm very happy with it so far, but am planning a few modifications.
I have some braided brake lines and new fluid to fit.
I will be fitting new suspension (probably Meister R)
Yellowstuff pads
and a pair of sparco sprint seats.

let the fun commence!

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Welcome mate, when you get a moment post a few pics.

There's a good few of us down here in the south west, most likely our next meet will be later in the year when the weather is a bit better!

Meister Rs are really good, I have a set on mine and so do a few others after taking a ride. Good choice.

As for the yellow stuff pads I can't say I have ever been that impressed with them. A much better option would be a set of Axxis Ultimates or Rodders pads, both available through members on here.

Just day away from the FI section, the dark side is expensive and the itch can never be cured...

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