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Hi all,
After 17 years of company cars (and still going!), I’ve treated myself to a 2006 NC Sport… some may say mid life crisis, but I know you guys won’t judge like that! 😂
Happy to introduce this little beaut, and chuffed to bits with it. The only mod it’s had from previous is a set of MeisterR ZetaCRD Coilovers and will be going in at the weekend for 4 x alignment after adjusting them a little to actually get over the dreaded speed bumps where I live!
Being new to the game, I don’t know my way around it yet fully, but will definitely learn from you guys.
Can’t wait for the better weather! Anyway, it’s a hi from me and may see a few of you at some Southern car meets… let me know any recommendations in and around Hampshire and Surrey for those 🙂


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