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Hi All Yet Another Rx8 Owner

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Hi all
I am totally new here and guess i am spreading myself out amongst too many car forums right now lol.
Anyway My names Aston I am 27 and have owned my Volocity Red Mazda RX8 since August 2008 have loved every minute of it. I came along to the brand hatch day in December 2009 just to observe and ride shotgun and loved it.
Have done a couple of Car control days with Andy (car limits) at North Weald and had great fun these where with the idea of following it up with some initiation to track time.
So here i am. I am sure some of you will know me from the RX8OC and maybe Mazda Rotary Club (not as active on there)
I am hopefully planning to get booked in for the Silverstone day of sideways fun (yes i know its late but funds pending) as after North weald i have descovered a love of sideways.

Look forward to seeing some of you at some tracks in 2010.

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North weald run some brilliant days, i will be doing one at the end of May (first time in my Mx5) and probably a training day over there with walshy some time over the summer ready for some track days.
a couple of pictures taken from the MRC Brighton run last month.

Sorry i dont have an MX5 lol
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