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Right I have owned my 5 for just under a month now and I'm considering a set of coilovers. I have just brought some 15x8 ET0 Rota Grid V's which will be going on the car when I have tyres.

My question is, should I buy cheap coilovers such as TA Technix for the time being to go low and then buy more reasonable coilovers (miesters or hsds) at a later date for performance/lows. The benefit of this would be getting used to being low and seeing the limits I could go to.


Just save for reasonable coilovers (meisters or hsds) and then be done with it? If this option please could people recommend coilovers?

I know this may seem like a silly question but it could be a reasonable while before I can afford good coilovers so was just curious if I should go low now and then upgrade at a later date.

Sorry if this is worded a bit strange, my grammar isn't the best!


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Was also going through the same thought process recently. I guess it depends on what you gonna use it for. I bought a Mk1 for £500 to turn into track car. Had the original suspension on it, although lowered, but it was shot and needed replacing. I considered getting some second hand stock or Billsteins & buying some cheap new coilovers on ebay etc, but I thought it would probably be a false economy in the end.

Having looked at many altenatives I have just ordered some Meister R and the reason for that, relative to the fact that you could say they are more expensive than what I paid for the whole car is that, to me, it was the best choice for the money (still £100 off on NUTZ100 deal) . They are rated by many people and that can't be ignored. They are adjustable for ride height on the car, another bonus and they look really well put together. They are also adjustable via the top of the shocks rather than having to get under the car to change bump & rebound, another bonus for me. I did seriously consider HSD as a first choice orginally and I have Gaz monotubes on my elise also, so having weighed up quite a few options, I went down this road.

Also for a track based car, for me, the suspension & tyres are the most important thing to get right so i considered the extra investment worthwhile, also I did not want to drive the car on a compromised set-up from a safety point of view.

Anything like Gaz gold pro, Meister R, HSD, BC and others will probably also retain a high level of value if you choose to sell later on, relative to a cheap set, so that was the logic I followed in making my decision.

Hope that helps
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