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Would appreciate some help from the MX5 gurus on here.

I have a 1994 1.8 import with upgrades carried out by previous owner (and Skuzzle), so I'm not completely certain what is stock on vehicle and what is not (in this case, the master cylinder).

Considering replacing it due to some paint blistering down front of the servo and unknown age of unit. However, there appear to be some different units in circulation.

I ordered a MC from e-bay that was same as mine in pics, but a different unit has been dispatched. Seller is happy to take it back, but is adamant its for a Mk1 MX5.

Main difference is number of ports at the front of the unit. 2 in my current MC (1 on each side), only 1 in the e bay version (on the off side)

Any help welcome regards what I have fitted and what I've been sent! Would mine have come from factory with this unit or has it possibly been changed at same time as 1.8 Sport big brake conversion?

Currently installed MC:
Motor vehicle Light Auto part Gas Automotive exterior

MC received from the e Bay:
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Gas Auto part Machine

Many thanks,

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Underneath the plastic bottle is a size in fractions.
1 is 7/8s cant remember other....zed or shadowraven will be along in due couse.

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zed or shadowraven will be along in due couse.
Oi o_O

firstly, identify what you have :unsure:

top photo looks like standard early cylinder (y)

as to the second, is that a mk2 or abs cylinder?

anyway, the top photo looks similar to what is on one of my cars...

My Febuary '90 Eunos Roadster used as example.

7/8" (22mm bore)

I checked the mc that came off my '91 Eunos & it was identical visually & bore markings....

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