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Hi Lads.

The engine on my 1991 MX5 has reached its final days, its probably the piston rings (oil control)the engine power is not all compromised but the oil consumption is too high, special on cold starts and on the track.

I was thinking in an engine swap for the 1.8 BP4W from the NB models, its here I need the help from the boffins.

I've found someone ho has an engine from a T reg car, that's mid 1999 right!?
The engine number is BP388931, can someone confirm if this is a BP4W from an NB model!?

I'm asking all this to you coz here in the arse of Europe (Portugal) there are no boffins in MX5's, onlly for Hondas and Citroen SAXOS
Many thanks in advance.
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