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Hello From Scotland

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Just thought I'd say hello. I've been interested in the idea of an MX-5 for a while now and finally decided to take the plunge before summer.

I was originally looking for a Eunos but once I found this with no rust I decided to go for it. In the future I might get an import with lots of fancy extras but for now this will be my daily driver and will give me the excuse to take the back roads instead of the dual carriageway:

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Evening Allan, lovely looking car to start with. Welcome to the forum and goodluck with your car
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Welcome to the nut house fella

Nice edition the Dakar....Enjoy
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another Scottish member. Where you from?
I'm from near Dundee... managed to get the roof down in Broughty Ferry yesterday whilst there was a bit of sunshine =0)
another from scotland! welcome im from near Falkirk
if you stay near broughty ferry no doubt i will be seeing you going about im from carnoustie and not long bought my 5 i will be keeping a eye out
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Welcome Dakar. There's a growing number of Nutzers from the Angus area. We might have to organise some sort of meet at this rate...leave the county for the day in the hope of finding some roads which aren't peppered with craters
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Hello, I shall also be keeping an eye out as I'm not far from Dundee myself.
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I'm another one,Grangemouth area
arite from dundee aswell. my mx5 is almost identical to urs but is the 1.6 v-spec,even got the rack on the boot lid haha. im in the town alot and through the ferry,sure iv seen your car around. i have pics of mine on this but thy are of the car when i got waiting on new pics coming though to update. got plans for it?
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