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Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me please 🙏.
I am wiring a Hawk alarm system, into my 2001 MX-5 1.8VVT.
I have wired everything up, but I am a bit stumped on how to wire in the central locking from the hawk alarm too the car. I don't have the key fob that came with the car from the factory so wanted to utilise the central locking feature on the alarm system.
I understand all the hawk central locking diagrams, and understand that the MX-5 has a positive signal for locking and unlocking, but I cannot figure out where to wire it in on the central locking control unit, as the signal from the key lock only has one positive signal wire (violet I think?).
So does the MX-5's system only require one of the positive signal from the Hawk Alarm to both lock and unlock the doors at the Central locking control unit if I wired it to the violet wire?.
Or should I just wire it to the door lock actuator in the door which has 2 positive signal wires coming from it?.
The only problem with that is, getting the wires into the door as the door wiring connector prevents this.
Any advice on how to wire this feature up would be greatly appreciated please,
Kind regards Justin 👍👊
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