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Hardtop fit

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Hi all, just acquired a hard top and it doesn't quite sit flush at the top of the windscreen, there is a slight gap. How can I adjust this? I have tried playing about with the clips but no avail. TIA

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Do you have side latches?

Is it sat on the frankenstein bolts at the back properly?
Yep, I've seemingly done a full adjustment all round to all latches and bolts. It's snug as big everywhere apart from that little bit in the middle of the windscreen.
Seen a few like that. The latches do need adjusting a bit so they pull outwards and flatten the raised middle bit, won't be perfect but will improve
Yeah, I adjusted the striker plates above the screen, just need to adjust the clips on the actual hardtop. 3 day weekend will give me time to fully play.
I got someone to press the middle down while I adjusted it and latched it, that helped too.
Managed to get it sorted. A bit of rubber tubing in the seal and a couple of washers under the striker plates (along with some standard adjusting) and all is now well.
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