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Hampshire / Dorset

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Whens the next big meet then for us guys!!
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Oooh good question! I was just thinking the same a few days ago. Are you the voice in my head Nick??

Perhaps we could do a tech day?! Or another one like we did last time pub lunch and drive out. Hopefully I will be driving again soon (fingers crossed). It seemed to go very well last time even if we did lose some people on the run out!
definately up for another meet soon
shal we start planning?
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I'm moving to Hampshire soon - would be good to meet you all
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I have just got my hands my first 5, so would definitely be up for a meet with some locals soon too.
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A few of us have been thinking the 18th at "the cat and fiddle" just outside Christchurch. post code is BH23 7DS. What you guys think? could always push it back a week if need be.

Same as ever, meet around 11-12 then go for a drive. Someone else will have to plan the route, but there are decent roads round there......
Thats a week Sunday right?

Depends if I'm allowed to drive by then, or if hubby is in the country (he's due to go to Khazakstan). All being well we will be there.
Would like to make this but can't do 18th. If there's any chance of 25th I would commit but otherwise will make the one after.
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18th or 25th works for me
Either for me too.
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I'm easy, either date is good for me.
right then, lets push it back to the 25th
I'm in for the 25th.
Ah sorry guys can't make 25th now

..................only joking. Thanks, its in the diary
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So we have a date and a place. Does anyone live near Christchurch to plan a drive?
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