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*cough* Have you checked the date...?
oh yeh. i'm supposed to be writing my dissertation. the date has lost all relevance. i get up, write some stuff, go to bed, then repeat.

roll on the 12th

i thought you could only do april fools til 12 anyway?

Right lad.
Get back tae yer dissurr whitsits and dinnae be sae pedantic

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Aha, another April fools prank. I put one up earlier too, but was rumbled in minutes.

The best one I heard today was actually played on me, after being used already. My GF sister is flying back to Heathrow tomorrow after a year away travelling the world. We live in the south so are picking them up from the airport, her parents are coming down from the North and we have a busy weekend planned. Her BF who she's been travelling with tells her this morning that their flight is cancelled and they can't fly back until Monday. Apparently he waits til she's blabbing her poor eyes out until he tells her it's an April fools, the barsteward. Easily beliveable that one with BA on strike anyway. So she phones us up, pretends the flight is cancelled which I fall for completely, but then she can't keep it up when talking to my other half, so ha ha very funny.

I said we should recycle it again and get her Mum with it, but my GF pointed out there's probably been enough tears in the family already today.

Worst thing about it though is that when I thought it was true I was thinking about all the bike /car relted things I could be getting up to instead
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