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Just got back from failing my MOT this morning after weeks of panicing and working on the car in an attempt to make it pass. Fitting a new cat, hours of work on the brakes and checking every nut and bolt. I must've missed a few bolts as I got to the station with a loose strut brace but that was not an issue. Half an hour of watching someone else prod and poke my car followed with the final result being announced.


Absolutely gutted. I could understand if it was rust or emissions, something like that but do you know what it failed on? Go on guess.

A missing bulb holder in the rear number plate surround. Not just the bulb being blown but the whole bulb holder missing.

I'm off to autolink to try and find another one in time for next weeks re-test.
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At least it should be a cheap easy fix.
Unfortunate but mines just failed on rusty sills near rear suspension and leAking shock absorber. I'd rather have your repair bill!
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