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This mini-guide will show you how to clean your heater's air intake.

I decided to do this as I had a quiet 'dry leaf in a fan' noise from the blower, also the output of the blower was better in 're-circulation mode' than it was in 'fresh air' mode. Try yours to see if it's the same, my car is one of the first (Nov '89) so I had an idea there'd be many years worth of crap in there that needed to be cleaned out.

The whole job took 25 mins.

The heater and ventilation air intake into the car comes in from the scuttle area just below where your tax disc goes:
There's a black 'Triangle shaped' lid which needs to be removed to get to the intake:

To remove this you'll need to first lift up the black trim cover at the base of the windscreen, there are several small plastic covers for the screws, these can only be popped out with a blunt knife blade, they are just clipped in. Take real care over them as they're brittle and easily broken..

Then proceed to remove the screws all the way along until you get to the screw in-between the wipers, you'll be able to lift up the cover enough to remove the intake cover without removing this panel completely. The end screw right under the Tax disc area needs the bonnet down to undo.

The Intake cover has four hidden screws on top (plus one visible) and two clips onto the inner bulkhead (which break for the fun of it
take your time with these!)

The 'visible screw' right under the bonnet hinge is a right pig, you'll need a 'right angled' screwdriver to undo it as even my stubby was too long (snigger) or get someone to hold the bonnet higher for you..

Once all of the screws are out there's just a small clip which holds the washer pipe, then the cover can be removed.

You'll find something like this !!

Half a hoover bag of dust, dead leaves, Compost, Japanese plastic wrappers, feathers and 'fluff'..

Clean this area thoroughly with a hoover and finish off with babywipes/damp cloth.. as clean as new.

It did make a difference to the noise inside the car (the blower motor itself is accessible behind the glovebox) the heater is blowing well now as well.

This is an easy 25 minute job that most early cars will need doing..
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