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Greddy Emanage

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Yesterday I had a good session on Pearcys car installing bits and pieces and removing old stuff (afpr and bipes)

Now the Emanage is in with a LC-1 giving the ECU a simulated narrow band signal.

But as expected, the ecu keeps pulling the fueling back to 14.7ish.

Is an o2 clamp needed to sort this out or is there something in the wideband/emanage setup that will stop this happening.. it seems to not matter what figures i put in the emanage, it'll instantly hit the set fuel and then start pulling baack to 14.7.
I've never dealt with one of these before so i need someone in the know to give me the definative so we can get it sorted next weekend.
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at what point does the stock ECU keep pulling the AFR back to stoich? below about 4-4500rpm the ecu will be in closed loop mode and will try to do this all the time.
At what point do you get boost? and what are the AFR's like when you first start to go into boost?
How have you configured the LC-1? I may have my AEM wideband setup differently to yours but I've retained the stock narrowband sensor and use the wideband signal to feed the Emanage.

I'm sure it's quite easily solvable, just need some info, time & patience
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As it is set at the minute the wideband sends a simulated narrow band signal to the factory ecu. and the wideband signal goes to a gauge (pillar mounted)
What happens is all the time, in boost and out (supercharged) it will spike to the correct fuel and then slowly settle back to 14.7 if you give it beans.
So kinda like the ecu is really fighting the emanage.
#I'm wondering if i missed something i.e. should a wideband signal go the the emanage (its a blue by the way)
Does it still pull fuel at higher RPM when in open loop? if it doesn't then I would say it needs an O2 clamp.
it did seem to but we never really had a chance to push it too far.
I think it's largely dependant on the year of the ECU, rather than being something that the eManage can sort out. I have to bung in quite a bit of fuel in the mid range on mine, but it overcomes whatever the ECU tries to pull out. Maybe having the 320s helps there. I've heard that in some cases it's unpredictable whether the ECU will or won't pull the fuel, which makes tuning impossible. I'd suggest an O2 clamp would be your best bet in your case. For the price of a few components they're easy enough to make yourself

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i think you are right from what ive been reading.
The ecu and emanage are basically in a constant battle but clamping the signal to 14.7 and using the map sensor should cure all issues.
anyone got a schematic for building a clamp ?
I take it i can wire this in with the simulated narrow band signal ?
is there any point feeding the 0-5v wideband to the emanage ?
But then we would lose the gauge (unless i go back to the stock narrow band sensor) and reprogram the wideband to give out 2 0-5v signals ?
You don't have to lose the gauge, share the signal.

I've got 0-1v going to the ECU and a NB gauge. Mine's set up linear rather than SNB but the ECU is perfectly happy with that, 0-5v on the other channel goes to the EMB for logging.

so i can just splice the wires together then and it wont effect the 0-5v signal ?
Thats handy.. i'll do that then
anyone got a schematic for building a clamp ?
This any use?
seems emu specific not emb
post no 3 the picture, that is just a basic o2 clamp isn't it

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i thought from reading it this was specific for the emu mapped to the aux out trigger or something like that
i think i have a good idea about this now.. we will need one because the car is in boost before going above 4500rpm (thats the supercharger for you)
I could technically tell the ecu its always at 14.7 with the lc1 which would give the manage full control i think but i dont know how the ecu would react to this... i suppose it would fuel as a base map ?
Use the MAP signal at your chosen boost level to trigger an O2 clamp, this will make sure that the blue has control of the fuelling when you need it too.
Use the MAP signal at your chosen boost level to trigger an O2 clamp, this will make sure that the blue has control of the fuelling when you need it too.
Exactly. My O2 clamp is simply operated by a pressure switch connected to a vaccum line.
There's really not much to an O2 clamp, as I discovered when I opened mine up to see what I'd paid ???'s for:rolleyes:

just a thought... as you're using stock injectors, are you also using an AFPR or similar as well?
not stock injectors.. its 320's i think. We just pulled out the afpr.
There's a guy on miataturbo who was building O2 clamps. Also I believe there was some diagrams for how to put together your own.....

I have one of the olderguy o2 clamps... works off a pressure switch. Also does a special tps input for the NB 02 to the emanage as well. Made the maps very easy to do.....

Thx for all of your help guys
- spec is as per my sig...
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