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Got Me Another :)

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Silver 1990 import.
Generally not a bad car. Needed the drain holes unblocking and the interior needs a real good clean (and de-stench) due to this and the near side has a bit of damage along it which shouldnt be beyond my capacity to fix, but all in it is a very sweet car.

Just failed its mot though on rusted sills!! Which has shocked me because i was underneath bashing it yesterday to check it was all ok. Shocked my mate too who runs a body shop in fareham when he got it in the air and cant find evidence of sill failure, though he has just found evidence of some seriously fresh chisel wounds... which is friendly.

Anywho my mate (Keith at Station Body Shop Fareham) is sorting this out as we speak for an exceptional price of £40. Meaning that the retest on Thursday should give me a very nice car that can be back on the road.
There are a couple of trick bits from it that i shall be putting up for sale.. Bits i personally do not feel the need to have.. so keep an eye on the for sale forum

Anywho.. pics and stuff to follow when i get the car back.

1 thing though.. does anyone have a spare wooden handbrake handle as this car has one missing
and i need it to complete the interior.
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Nice one Nick, you've wanted a second 5 for a while. If the sills were all it failed for and there is nothing wrong then it should be simple enough to sort.

Look forward to seeing some piccies.
Nice one, one is never enough is it................

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yeah i think this time round i dont have the money for a second 5 really, but i can now decide which 1 i keep and which i sell to me old man if he offers me enough.. the other option is to live poor for a couple of months until i can afford to insure both.
Failing that one will become my official race car! which is the cheap option as it can then live off road but its too good to break down for a race car. That was actually my original plan but i cant bring myself to do it with this one now.
Think i'll see how it goes after a few sleeps whether i keep, sell or race (either of the 2)
Oh life is never simple is it? Oh the decisions.
It would be if i was rich. id keep both and buy a track car.

I've a feeling both will stay within my family though which is awesome.
to show the damaged side.. only pic i got at the moment

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Oh what I would give for a place to work on my car.. and a garage too! Car looks great.
Oh what I would give for a place to work on my car.. and a garage too! Car looks great.
I could use a garage and a place to work on the car too

that there is the parents drive.. but they are pretty accommodating.
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Looks like a tidy car. I have a wooden handbrake handle you can have for free mate. It has a few chips on top but otherwise ok. Do you have the standard rubber one if so maybe a swap? I am happy to send a few picks but it is yours for free no matter what.
cheers for the offer but i got 1 from autolink today.. along with 2 headlights to fix my bloody broken sealed beam.. who invents shit like that!!
Nick, I'm suprised it failed on the sills..... They looked pretty solid on the grand scheme of things.
Take it you got back ok....? Glad your thinking of keeping her, imagine if I had let that guy scrap it, what a waste that would have been!!!!
Still, I'll be on here tues to show some pics of my new mariner blue eunos- ripe for boosting!!!!
yeah i think if id taken it anywhere else for an mot it wouldnt have failed.
My problem was i had a note for a free mot from the place i use(d). I showed them before the mot.. doh.. instant cue to be ripped off huh.
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