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Going Back To Basics..

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I'm looking to put my car back to N/A as it had a Turbo installed from the previous owner. I'm looking to remove the whole thing and sell it off to fund all the N/A parts...

Instead of putting in the OEM manifold/downpipe and intake I was hoping the cash would get me some nice aftermarket bits which will keep the power up a bit.

Can anyone recommend any? I was looking at a whole new exhaust as mine has a few holes but they can be welded up if need be. Needs to be a big Jap can exit..


P.S. If anyone is interested then the full turbo setup should be in the sales section over the next few days.
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Gianni this makes me sad .you really will miss the power.

have you been in an N/A 1.6 ? lol
Ha ha, awww I was hoping you wouldn't see this!

I've never been in an N/A no, but power isn't everything to me. This is the first turbo car I have even owned, although it is fun to drive I just can't help but feel the car just wants to keep going fast.. You can't just have a nice relaxing stroll along the road, It's just constantly crying for you to put the foot down!

Like i said, power isn't everything to me.. as long as it drives then I will be happy.. I'm finally happy with the looks and this is all that matters to me.
fair enough dude , if i had the cash id be out stripping my sump etc now lol.

oh and if you fancy a shot in mine before you start removing stuff youre more than welcome.
Cheers man!

I'm starting tonight though haha.. I'm off work tomorrow so It might be a lonnnng night!

Oh, you have just reminded me.. I'm open to take the standard parts as P/X towards the turbo kit.
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Please be mindful of the rules, so as you have stated, any whats it worth or for sale stuff including part ex should be in the relevant section with descriptions and prices.
So dont let this thread wonder into those territory please.

I know what you mean about a turbo, my old turbo V-Special used to chase along. My friend had a supercharger and when he had a go in mine commented that the turbo power delivery was very addictive.
Thats why I chose superchargers last time and this time after my first one I took turbo route. I want to just amble along most of the time with the option of a burst of speed.
I dont think N/A is that slow if you drive it right but you will miss the extra torque and power that your FI kit gives you. It really does change the car.

Good luck.
I vote to ban retro_boy myself.......who DOESNT want the power of a turbo/sc?!?!

As for it "wanting to go faster" you either have a sticky throttle cable or its all in your head! The car only goes as fast as your right foot lets it!

You WILL regret this, especially if you havent driven a stock 1.6, your gonna get a shock!
Roadster - I apologise dude, It did go a bit off topic sorry.

DMR - Noooo don't ban me! Driving Hondas for years you appreciate that N/A can be just as awesome as Turbo.. I'm pretty sure I will still enjoy the MX5 just as much N/A as I did turbo. It's a good car to drive, not because of the power but just because it's a nice little car.
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Driving Hondas for years you appreciate that N/A can be just as awesome as Turbo..
You'll quickly come to appreciate how awesome Honda engines are and how shit the Mazda engine is then, trust me the 5's engine as stock is gutless and boring.

(ex DelSolSiR owner)
If you think a n/a 1.6 making 115bhp is going to feel anything like the 160 odd bhp from the smallest Vtec lump your in for a shock!

The 5 chassis is wonderful and NEEDS the extra power!
Ha ha guys guys, my decision is final.. I don't mind how slow it is honest, it looks great and will get me from A to B which is all that matters!

Be happy for me!
Ha ha guys guys, my decision is final.. I don't mind how slow it is honest, it looks great and will get me from A to B which is all that matters!

Be happy for me!
Fair enough mate, good luck
I have a 1.6 ECU and AFM if you need...

But as the others have said you will surely miss the power...

I'd never go back to NA... have you ever driven/been in a supercharged five, it might be more to your liking..
Hey dude, I seriously appreciate the offer but both my ECU and AFM are still present. There were some spliced wires unfortunately on the ECU loom to use the HKS piggy back but we have hopefully sorted them out!

The turbo is off.. after a fun night in the garage we managed to take it all apart! one hole and one hose that we are unsure what to do with though.. I think both just need plugged, the only one I'm not 100% sure on if I should plug it is the left hand side of the engine block there was a metal oil hose going from there into the turbo.. can I just put a bolt back in there to block it up as it has a thread.. ?
yea thats how it comes from the factory
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