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Go Ape

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Iv just got back from GO APE in the Forest of Dean and im absolutely knackered.

If anybody wants some good outdoors fun id really recommend doing this.

Its a tree top obstacle course of which you have to secure your own safety harness to the different obstacles and then trek across it in order to get to the next platform. It has rope ladders, zip lines, Tarzan swings and cargo nets. It doesn't look much but its a 3 - 4 hour coarse and will tire you out by the end of it.

Kid friendly but adult punishing.

There are loads of different Go Ape Sites around the UK but i can only comment on the Forest of Dean venue.

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+1 Did one last year and both terrifying
and bloody brilliant
at the same time! Planning to do some more this year!
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I did one in Germany last year and it was awesome. Really loved it. But knackered by the end. Upper body punishment to the max. Unless you have really good upperbody strength then you will ache tomorrow.

How many times did you fall off? I only fell a couple of times but it's a strange feeling to fall but not that far.

Did Europes longest zipline afterwards. That was awesome too.
Im not Aching that badly although i couldnt sleep last night - the GF said Over tired?

I fell atleast twice but it was great just doing that. The best part was the Tarzan swing for me - A leap of faith and a drop of so high
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Yeah... Tarzan swing really is a leap of faith lol. Just closed my eyes and jumped!
Thats pretty much what I did too. Closed my eyes and took off. There was another one where you had to swing in an arc onto another platform. Someone was taking photos of me for an article and asked if I could do it again but the other way. Erm no I don't think so.
i went to one near me a little while ago, it was damn good fun. The tarzan swing i turned around and jumped off backwards, more fun that way
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