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Gb Secret Element Rack Ends (Inner Tie Rods)

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Hey guys - i dont know If im aloud to do this or not since im new, but I was going to buy me some of the above titled from a group buy on Roadster Drift.

The guys PM'd me to say that he can send more back to cut shipping down.

Is this something anyone would be interested in?

Here's a link to the thread.

Seems to be a popular product there for drifting.

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Sounds very very interesting but unfortunatly have to be a member to read.

Any chance you could copy paste main info here?

I assume it is these things/this guy?
yup, same ones dude.
Very interested, approximatly how much would they be though as all I see there is the US price of $130?
Yeah the guy says that If i can get others to buy he'll put them all in with mine and we can split the total or shipping or what not. Then it'll only be a few quid to send where ever
Going to need more precise figures then that tbh mate.

How much is shipping to UK for one thing, then further postage from when it gets to yours to end destination.
Iv no idea, Im not a post man
. I dont know the weight or exact size of these items, or indeed how much this lad in the US plans to charge to ship the said item to the UK. Iam still awaiting a reply back from him to let me know the information.

I would think it would be a case of say shipping is like $40 say for example and if there's 2 sets in then split the shipping down so then your saving $20.
Im planning on buying these upon pay day I think, so just thought id see if anyone else was keen.

I'll be sure to let you guys know some more figures when I get them
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Lol man those are the kinds of things one needs to know when one makes a group buy.

Hardly inspires confidence when someone says, oh pay this guy this much money to have the parts shipped to me and I don't know how much any of it is going to be

Depending on figures though I am VERY keen
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dependent on price and if these are avaliable for a 98-00 mk2 power rack, i'd also be interested.
They are available for the rack. We have missed the GB for THAT particular group buy by the looks of it but I have emailed them about sorting another one for us UK people so waiting to hear back from them.

Normal price is 145 dollars + shipping
Right the price is 130 + 25 priority mail to UK each or he can put a few in a box for the same price but I'd imagine unless people were fairly local it wouldn't save much in the way of postage. Those prices are in American dollars.

If we miss out on that group buy then normal price is 145 +25 postage so not too bad even then.

He can do NA Powered and Non Powered and NB Powered.
I will have to check funds etc.

Just booked a track day in my car (first one

But i will hopefully be able to grab a set of these.
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Quick update.

Got PROPER pricing now, $130 + $33 each shipped to individual address, though he can get up to 8 in a box for that same postage price.

Once they are here postage via DHL tracked to your door would be ?10 if all at the same address and distributed from here.

If all 8 come in a box then about $10 savings though with the added agro of having to ship it out not sure if it is actually worth it.

To demonstrate the extra angle.



Though it must be said these are more as a stronger OEM replacement rather then an increased angle thing though if you are a drifter it would be useful.
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Indeed over the OEM parts, should be alot more durable, ok so are we just going to leave this group buy on the basis its not really much of a discount? If so i'll just go ahead and get my order in.

Good job on the prices mate, sorry never organised a group buy before as such.
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As I read in the forum, for the NB powered the angle is not so big (for the NA about 9 degrees, for the NB powered about 4-5 degrees), is that correct?
hmm i would definately be up for a set of these
i need more lock!
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Been put off a bit slightly as upon closer reading says will lead to higher PS pressure and temperature...
I'd also say you'd need longer brake lines as the stock ones are barely long enough at full lock as is.
Didn't even think of that Gixer... Good point.

Though that said people have had these kits on without any issues. And there is only really a larger increase in distance at the edge, near the center where the calipers are the distance is much less.
Alright guys here are some details on the Superangle tie rods:

-Direct replacement of OEM rack ends
-High strength forged 4140 chromoly steel ball joint stud
-High strength forged 4118 chromoly steel ball joint housing
-Polished ball stud and nylon race for improved wear resistance
-Black print coat for corrosion resistance
-Longer outer tie rod end threading for wider range of toe adjustment
-Steering rack travel increased 7% over OEM travel

**Designed for off-road/race use, powersteering fluid pressure and temperature will be elevated from the increase in steering angle.**

The best part about the tie rods is they are OEM replacements, even if you are not after extra steering angle, but rather just have worn out 20yr old oem pieces these will give back that tight feeling from day one, and help you get in and out of those tight spots around town!!

MSRP for the rack ends is $145.00 shipped in USA. Last Group buy pricing was $130, I want to hit a lower price but need your help to do so!

I am still finalizing a few details on shipping to UK and pricing (based on # of participants, but I wanted to get this rolling and on the map. Below is a sample photo of what to expect for the increase in steering angle over OEM (pictured is the Super*Now FC3S), also is a photo of a sample rack end which will have the same finish as the ones in production.

BTW these are also available for the RX7 chassis's FC3S and FD3S, so if you have any buddies with RX7's give them the heads up to sigh up!

Lets get a list going:

NA Manual rack

NA Power rack

NB Power rack

FC3S (Power rack only!)

FD3S fine thread pitch rack (typically 91-93)

FD3S Coarse thread pitch rack (typically 94+)

If you have any questions let me know I will be glad to answer them for! PM or email me at [email protected]
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