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Having a slight problem with the turbo Build mk1 1.6 1990 Eunos using me221
Installed Walbro 255 a few months ago, and it ran fine when first installed.
Now currently having an issue, the car will not start unless the diag box is jumped on the fuel pump pin. It will start then cut out.
The fuel pump will not run on crank, I took the pipes off to check it was flowing, and fuel only came out when priming the pump but not cranking. Checking the wires, the pump gets power both when jumped on the diag box and when cranked (~7v).
I also read that the MAF/AFM has a switch that needs to be working in order for the fuel pump to turn on, but the wiring between the old MAF harness and the new IAT is working and was working fine in the past when the car was running.

I am 99% sure the fuel feed pipes are on correctly as I marked them the first time they came off, and the car has been running and driving with them in their current configuration also again 99% sure there is no problem with vacuum in the tank.

The fuel pump is not running while the engine is being cranked and the car won't start. The fuel pump, if manually primed via the diag box will turn on a push fuel.
Any suggestions much appreciated
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