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Help!! I have just come out this morning to an ungodly smell of petrol from my Mk1,(1.8) on looking under the car there is a very noticable drip of petrol from just in front of the diff area, Im assuming the tank is leaking?Any ideas?Done a search but not aware of anyone else with petrol pissing out of the car!!
Any help much appreciated

On further inspection there appears to be a bolt into the fuel tank which the fuel is dripping from!

Well just tried to tighten the bolt -as if it was going to be that easy! - and it just about went through the tank body so im assuming its a new tank!great just in time for the nice weather!
Don't feel left out its a very common problem, especially on the imported roadsters. UK cars had the tanks undersealed (to some degree anyway), roadsters have no underseal at all on the tank (although most importers did underseal the cars). We break MX5's and the tanks are one of the first things to go (that wasn't an advert, please don't shoot me)
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