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Removed the front subframe to give all the suspension arms and frane itself a tidy up as I’m doing the front chassis rails at the same time while the engine is out.

Looking at the front subframe studs, passenger side both the same length as I’d perhaps expect. Drivers side one is significantly longer than the other, almost as if it’s been pulled out of the rail?

Anyone seen this before? Stud feels solid, but no real way of knowing if it’s about to fail?

Anyone replaced one of these?
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the studs are fitted from above the chassis rail (underbonnet) and are welded to washers / chassis.

Before reading the next sentance please understand that I cannot remember the stud lengths o mt '91 Eunos or the '90 Mx5 I broke so it's possible they are all like this🤷‍♂️

maybe your car was a crossover from short to long or maybe they ran out of long and only had the shorter in stock?

as long as the stud is secure and the threads are good then I'd not worry (y)

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