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Hi all!

I've been eyeing up something fun for the summer and finally found something that ticked all the boxes.

This is by no means a perfect mx5 example so will be a bit of a long-term project but it has a great starting base to continue from.

So, it's a green NB with the usual rust coming through.

It was mapped by Skuzzle back in 2019 at 9psi and 213bhp at the wheels, once I've got a few bits sorted out I'll upgrade the turbo and get it mapped again.

As it was going to be tracked it's had plenty of nice upgrades but I'll be using it as a fast road setup car.

Spec (currently known):


  • 92k miles
  • 1.8 non vvt engine
  • Fully forged (Kit from Bofi) < 1k miles ago
  • TD04 turbo
  • Kraken intercooler
  • RX8 injectors
  • Japspeed radiator
  • ME221
  • Walbro 255 fuel pump
  • 2.5" straight through exhaust

Handling / Trans
  • Stage 4 clutch
  • Tein coilovers
  • 15" unknown wheels (any ideas?)
  • 280mm VW Corrado front brakes
  • Braided lines

  • MK2.5 SVT leather seats and steering wheel
  • Roll bar

Some pictures from the for sale advert:

Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive parking light

Automotive parking light Wheel Car Tire Vehicle

Motor vehicle Automotive design Vehicle Automotive fuel system Auto part

Car Vehicle Speedometer Gear shift Steering part

On the drive home the PAS shit itself, was recently refitted by the seller but he admitted the rack had been modified when removed so wasn't convinced it would hold.

Apart from this, it drove lovely, no BOV either so you get allllll that fluttering goodness.

My initial plans are:
  • Have PAS fitted correctly
  • Replace all boost pipe hoses
  • Raise coilovers
  • Get a digital gauge for oil temp etc
  • Drive the darn thing!

Long-term plans will hopefully include moving to a slightly bigger turbo with some more headroom and playing around with styling; hardtop, wheels, rust repair etc.

I've got a friend group full of skylines etc so it'll be great in the summer to have some great drives.

PS: I need a new battery! Any advice on something that will suit?

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Not a great start to this one sadly, only drove it once – back from the seller, and it's now got no spark and refusing to start.

Looks like it'll be a pricey start to MX5 ownership :rolleyes:

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Spark plug leads are notorious to go on these cars, i got a spare set when diagnosing a misfire. Check if they have continuity with a multimeter or just get a spare set of ebay like me.
I picked up a set of leads and new spark plugs earlier – won't fix the issue but the plugs were looking a bit black and the leads have seen better days.

Also picked up a new genuine crank sensor to play with.

Failing all of this I'll get hold of a Windows laptop and try figure out some diagnostics from the ME221.

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PAS sounds like it's been fucked around with too much, do you know what's actually caused it to break? Has it over pressured and blown?
PAS was removed so the car could be used on the track, I asked the seller to refit before I bought which he did but the high-pressure pipe had been cut, he tried to attach it again but it's what popped off.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Tread Automotive design

Wow - look at money bags over here haha! They aren't cheap lol. There's a list of other things to try, but I would have started with the laptop.

EDIT: did you get any misfiring on the way home? under wide open throttle?
I was at MX5Parts so thought I would pick it up, hoping to not need it and return it.

I have the previous owner coming to take a look today and see what he thinks, if no luck I'll get hold of a laptop and try to figure out the ECU software – I'm a software developer so I'm hoping I've got some chance!

No issues on way home, drove very nicely – just after PAS spat it's fluid out it really struggled to start and then just refused to.

The seller recommended a battery as it was starting to struggle to start in the cold, I'm potentially thinking the battery wasn't the issue and something else has been going on that's just waited for me to own the car before failing completely.

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New leads and plugs were fitted today, fired up and drove fine.

The only other thing in this process was the coilpack being unplugged and refitted, so not sure if there is something else going on but will monitor it.

Never a fan when the 'fix' is something I can't see physically broken and can replace but hey, if it's working...

I can finally begin with the project now.

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That PAS pipe is easily solved, plenty of methods for attaching the pipe more securely. It is high pressure after all so might need something more robust.

Mine and a friends MK2 struggles to start due to battery wear. The fact that the car has started in this temperate us reason enough to believe the car is OK I would say. I'd be happy.
I've got a used high pressure pipe from eBay, £30, so will get that fitted at some point next month – no PAS is actually not as bad as I thought but will be nice to have it.

This now has a new battery, plugs and ignition leads so fingers crossed it'll keep me going for a while.

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not good, whats happened?

Took it to the office today and it drove fabulously, probably about 15 miles in total.

Got home, parked it up for an hour then went out again this evening...

a few minutes down the road I noticed it starting to drop the revs below idle whilst coming to a stop, then it started to judder / potentially misfire under load and I was having to give it throttle to stop it from dying.

I pulled into a car park and when trying to start it she was really lumpy, wouldn't idle without me holding the throttle and stank of fuel.

I was pretty sure that just changing the ignition leads and plugs wouldn't have fixed the issue... going to get hold of another coil pack and see if that's any better.

If so, coil on plug may have to come sooner than expected!

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Crank and cam sensor..both these on an nb fail when hot. ..and fix themselves as they cool.

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I haven't yet returned the new crank sensor... might be worth just using it either way.

When it's light tomorrow I'm going to take a look and see if I can find anything obvious around vac leaks or boost pipes etc.
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