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Fog To Brake Or Rev

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Ok, tomorrows fog wires to either bootbrake light or reverse light, which is best or easier, and in a non eleccy man doin it, how? I have wires, soldering stuff, red bulb if rev light, switch, test meter....currently working switch to wires to fog all there, I've just removed the foglight.
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Mine has it in the right hand reverse light... from the looks of it there's a wire goes to from the switch to the light... a wire which I assume goes from the switch to the headlights live (so the fog only works with them) and a earth/ground for the illumination in the switch??

That's just my wild guess from what mine looks like... I'm no electrical genius!
I did mine fortnight back, will take piccies for you tomorrow?
Pop over tomorrow, I'll copy it and you can have those headlight stuff you want, now there's a plan!!!!
you will have a PM in a min or two
Thanks to metalligator popping his car by, saw the wiring, and easy peasy and all done, 10 min jobbie. Basically-(and I'll post pics when I get my new laptop), to wire into driver side reverse light.......... Cut wire to the reverse bulb, it's the outer one on the connector, take your load wire to the original fog and solder to the now cut wire. ( if you have the standard bodjie jobbed import fog light, disconnect the wires and pull em back through the hole in the boot ), then at other end you should be ok if already fitted to a switch, if not, get a 3 connector illuminated rocker switch, earth then load then supply, and bobs your mothers uncle. Then either paint bulb red or buy eBay red bulb or even led that glows red when lit. for the supply I came off the ashtray light, so only ops when lights are on
Glad you got it sorted, thanks for the cables, if it works will let you know :)
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