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Fog Light Help

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Hi all

I've removed my square fog lamp that hung under the rear bumper, and wired up the off side reversing lamp to become the new fog lamp. I first used a red LED bulb from halfrauds, the light out put was hopeless so I used 25w red bulb but this only shines a very pale pink almost white light,which I'm sure would fail the mot. How does using the third break light as a fog light work,does it still work as a break light,does it still pass the mot. Is there any way I can get more red light out of the reversing lamp.


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was the halfords lamp a 21w equivalent? I would take it back if it don't hit the mark.
I used a 23w red coated lamp. Not the legal 21w but after the red filtering its the same light output. Its red too, not some washed out looking colour. I think you have just been unlucky tbh.
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