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I'm an electrical and electronics engineering student and after my immobiliser failed on my mk1 mx5, I decided to remove it and make my own fingerprint immobiliser as a fun project. I’m considering putting it into production, but I thought I’d ask for your opinions.

It works as any other mk1 mx5 immobiliser, but there’s a fingerprint sensor where the cigarette lighter usually is. There’s also a number pad remote for other functions such as adding/removing a fingerprint, and a number passcode to disable the immobiliser (for instance if a mechanic needs to mobilise the car, but you don’t want to add their fingerprint).

Self-installation would require some technical knowledge and basic electrical tools, although there would be clear instructions.

What are your thoughts on this? What sort of price point would you expect it to be at?


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Cool project, though if you wanted to sell such things I guess you'd have to jump through whatever hoops are required to gain Thatcham approval for the design otherwise insurance companies wouldn't accept the car had a legit immobiliser.

Since people have come to expect highly convenient contactless immobilisers, I suspect you'd need a USP to make people really want one you have to touch. Could you integrate fingerprint reading into an engine start button?
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