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Few Bits For Mk1

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hey guys im new here, im in need of a bonnet and a gear stick gator and some sort of bodykit.
preferably id like the bonnet in silver?!
cheers guys
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Alright there.
Where are you based.
I have a bonnet in good condition, though it is laguna blue.
And a white leatherette gear gator if that helps.

In portsmouth in southampton! pm me your number mate and well sort something out!
I've got some new sideskirts like on my 5, a front splitter in carbon (deeper than a standard one GV kind of size. I think there is a set of rear spatts like mine too.

PM if your interested.

lanks - ive tried pm-ing you but it wont work mate
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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