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following my welcome thread (http://www.mx5nutz.c...topic=95992&hl=)

i thought i would actually make a build thread rather than stalking everyone else.

this is my first 5, i fell in love with them after i drove one at my old work.

this is how i got it.
its fairly tidy, there a few small dents and some lacquer peel. small amount of rust underneath near the rear arch, and the alloys need a refurb.
didn't miss a beat after a 200mile drive home in it.

its already had a few things done to it such as

Rays cv pro 3peice splits
Stainless steel Exhaust system
momo bucket seat and steering wheels
30 or 40mm lowering springs and kyb shocks
running lights fitted where reflectors should be in the bumpers.
style bar
timings been advanced
decat exhaust

obviously i had to put my own stamp on it as soon as i got it home so i started off tinting the headlights yellow

and just kept it like this for a while

now this is the sad part
one friday night after being out with my friends, driving home to drop my car off.
the inevitable happened, first rwd car......wet road​

i was driving down a country road came round a corner and there was a bloke in the road​
i swerved, my backend came out one thing led to another
i ended up talking to a farmer.... the guy in the road disappeared aswell.​

but i rebuilt it (and you can see the red wing)​

she was back on the road...i got sick of having a bright red wing aswell so​
for time being i have just quickly rattle canned it black for the "jdm look yo!!!"​
also whilst i was rebuilding it i added a bumper with no number plate holes as well.​

now this is where i really decided that i wanted to my mark on this car.
i started off painting the hardtop black and the windscreen surround​

had the car mopped to remove 99% of the scratchs​
only leaving 3 small dents​

got my butt back into gear after sulking about the car and sorted the rays out

Decided that i wanted a red/blue contrasting theme

then diff went pop!

So yet again it was on the drive....hmmpppffffttttt

after nearly 3weeks of being off the road, i finally got another diff and it was back on the road!

so as a gift for it coming back on the road the number plate surround went black also​

and so far i have just added coilovers

i tried cut springs on standard shocks....and i have learnt​

this is how it sits on coil overs​

i think my friend with the mk1 caddy likes it as he said
"the exhausts almost the right height to get my wilily in"​

gave it a nice soapy wash and dry today and charged my camera up again to take more pics
next week ( sorry about crap phone pics)

i am thinking about getting a front splitter and a hardtop spoiler, what do you think?​
and eventually i will sort out the black wing and get the wheels refurbed

but for now it does me well as a student and a part time chinese delivery guy, you should see some customers faces.....​
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