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Exhaust manifold heat shield bolts

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I have sprayed sone acetone/atf mix on these bolts a couple times over a few days and tried removing them today when the engine was warm after driving the car. I only have a 1/4" wrench for the bolt size, either 8 or 10mm. None of them felt like they would budge. I have been reading about people trying to remove them, sounds like it's common they break which would be good to avoid. Anyway this is the worst one,

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Looks very crusty, just wondering if there is an approach to something like this, maybe hit the rust around the bolt with something? It almost looks like it's been welded on..

Any suggestions would be great.
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Ah, heatshield bolts. I used penetrating oil and was super careful to ease the first one gently, and it still just snapped right off.

Unexpectedly the rest came out okay. The biggest pain is the ones which hold the two halves of the heatshield together, as the shield just wants to bend. I ended up just cutting around that. The chunk I cut off pinged away and I couldn't find where it went.

Later, when I pulled off the M25 in a cloud of steam, I worked out it had landed in the radiator fan shroud and eventually got hit by the fan, flew up and punctured my new radiator. So that was nice.

Anyway, try not to do that, is my advice.

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