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Elise / Vx220 Seats On Mx5 Runners

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Hi all,

With the recent arrival of a little one in the house the time has come to sell up, I'll be selling lots of nice bits including my TD04 turbo na but I'll start with these seats as they are taking up space in my garage.

I thought I'd try here before listing them on eBay.

They've been in the garage a while and could do with a decent clean,
I'm not sure if the lumbar supports stay inflated but they both work.
The adapter plates came from here a few years ago.
I've shown any marks/damage in the pics.

I'm in Exeter and I'd much prefer collection.
£350 open to sensible offers






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If I was closer I'd snap them up, then again I'm closer to the edge of the world :)

Reckon these are cheap mate, do not undersell.
I had them in my mk1, I'm not sure what the difference is with the mk2, I think the seatbelt bolts to the seat, the fixing is there and can be seen in the second to last pic. Although I'm not totally sure this is correct.
I'm sure i had mk2 seats in my mk1 and they bolted straight in.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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