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We're back with another Brake Pad Giveaway, we will be giving one set of pads (front or rear) to one randomly selected forum member from our entire range, just by participating in the below thread!

In past giveaways We have discussed our first ride, garage and storage spaces, famous people we have met or would like to have met and weird and wonderful vehicles amongst other topics.

For this giveaway we would like to start a discussion about driving locations. If you had all expenses paid and unlimited fuel, where would you drive to?

The lucky winner will be randomly selected and announced within a few days after the closing date of 1st June 2022 and details will be posted on this forum within a few days of the closing date.

Please be aware that this thread may appear in more than one section on the forum and one winner will be selected from the whole forum, not a winner per thread.
Pad choice will be based on availability and where a chosen pad is unavailable, an alternative will be offered.

If you are not the lucky winner, EBC Brakes are pleased to be able to offer a 10% discount off their braking products to all members of the forum community using code FORUM10USER
This discount code can be redeemed at EBC Brakes Direct | EBC Brake Pads | EBC Brake Discs or with our USA partners at Perfect Brakes | EBC Brake Pads | EBC Rotors

Any questions or application issues please let us know.


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An easy decision for me, rural Japan for obvious reasons. I follow many locals on Instagram and I am incredibly jealous of some of the picturesque locations and the roads but the cost of travelling there even by air is very expensive, let alone hiring a car or driving your own across the world :)

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Hmmm, tough one, while it's always nice to drive scenic routes in all honesty if it were me I'd love to do a lap around Europe and some of the tracks there with a tonne of track time (fuel paid for ofc) on the ring, Spar, La Manns etc, back to back staying at track side hotels etc. TBH I'd love to do something like that ahead of my wedding but sadly few of my close friends are into cars and nearly all of them have kids which limit their availabily and funds for such a trip.
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