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Early Morning Roadster Drive

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Hey guys,

I had a busy morning today. I got up early and had a bacon sandwich, cup of tea, then got ready to have take some photo's of my car.

Here is how my morning went, keep in my I set off at 7 am. I filled the car with 97 ron high octane fuel and the roads were deserted.

Damp Roadster

In the distance

Up close

Brinklow Village

Copston Magna (There must be around 15 houses in that village)

Lutterworth Road off the A5, just before I attacked the awesome left hander

Aston Flamville

Burbage Village

I still had plenty of time so I thought I'd visit a place that inspired me a lot as a young kid.

So I went to my local racing circuit, Mallory Park, which is about 10 miles from my house.

I got home by 8.50 am and it was awesome! Whilst I was out, people just out for a morning walk or walking their dogs said hello and were generally friendly.

It was a nice change from morons in fwd mother's cars trying to race you around town centres.
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Nice photos.
Looks like you had a great time - bet it would have been even better with the roof off
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Like the pics, hate to wake up early though. Specially on the weekends.
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I'll get the roof off in the summer

Its just finding somewhere to put the hardtop that is the problem really.
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Great pics mate very jealous wish I could have done that this morning
instead I had to finish painting the kitchen.
What a great mornings' 'man-time' you had! I keep meaning to do this but playing gigs late on Saturdays always makes me need to lie in on a Sunday. Love the car - looks like something no boy-racer should mess with on the streets. But they all like to have a go don't they! I think I might go for a drive today now.
That is a fantastic looking car. Love it!
I had the same plan this morning but my duvet had other ideas. Woke up about 10 minutes ago
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Lovely early morning pics, and a nice looking car. I love that time of the morning, but with dog cuddling me and the duvet being warm and the clocks going forwards last night the morning just seemed to have disappeared on me.

I love driving back to work on a Monday morning setting off with the roof down in the dark and arriving at camp gates still roof down in the daylight. Watching the sun come up along the way. Not much better than that.
It looks rather neat in the first photo with a satin-mist finish!

Get your Corns exhaust on! I love the way that exhaust looks, but I couldn't live with the noise..!
sounds like you had fun

you need a eunos number plate panel though. the UK one really lets the back of the car down. looks really stratified with the ducktail, the number plate then the bumper. like an automotive layer cake. wide.....but high....
i like the rest though
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you need a eunos number plate panel though.
My thoughts exactly. I've never liked the UK panel tbh. The car is going back into the bodyshop soon to have a Eunos panel fitted when I get it off Vindi49, and I'll be having a couple of other bits done too
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Get your Corns exhaust on! I love the way that exhaust looks, but I couldn't live with the noise..!
I'm going to be using a decat pipe too....I hope I can handle the noise.

One thing I'm abit unhappy about is how the piping size will change over the exhaust. The RB manifold finishes in 2.375 inch piping, the decat is 2.5 inch, and the Corn's is 2 inch.

Not very good tbh, but I don;t know what to do. Any thoughts?
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